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Stories from our
2022 Annual Report

A Letter from Kim Westfall

Dear Friends—my fellow allies in the war against trafficking,


First, let me say thank you. Thank you for joining the cause. Many of you have joined your hearts to ours. You have supported our work financially. You have prayed. And you have encouraged us. This is not easy work and we couldn’t—and certainly wouldn’t want to—do it without you standing by our sides.


This is an all-consuming cause. I often say this cause has “ruined my life.” I can’t go anywhere without seeing them…in the lobby of high-end hotels. On the beaches in resort towns. Walking through airports. In city squares and in front of ancient monuments, wandering the streets all over the world. Behind the windows in Red Light Districts. They look like women but when you peel away the makeup it’s clear…they are just young girls.


How do I know they’re traffic victims/sex slaves?


I see them approach strangers with a wink and a smile and hand them a business card. The police stand steps away ‘oblivious’ to the situation. I see old men taking provocative photos of them on the beach while saying inappropriate things to them. Often they appear to be drugged as they wander through the airport or sit across the aisle in 14b. Sometimes they’re little brown-skinned girls, being escorted by 60-year-old men. It’s obvious that he’s not her grandpa.


I know the signs. I’m in the ‘anti-trafficking business,’ yet I still feel powerless when confronted with these ugly situations.


How do we turn the tide?

How do we force governments, law enforcement, and society to act?

How do we save and restore these precious lives?


Well, Uncaged has a strategy. In addition to creating a healing village called The Sanctuary, where survivors have access to everything they need to heal, we have tried and tested curriculums and anti-trafficking strategies. Our goal is to blanket one nation at a time and turn the tide one life at a time, one city at a time, and one country at a time.


We are currently working our way through Europe building a network of concerned citizens government officials, business people, churches, and many other sectors of society. 

The work is not easy, safe, or inexpensive but we think you’ll agree…it’s worth it. To see women and children lifted out of hell, or better yet, prevented from ever entering never gets old. We are privileged to be on the front lines and the truth is the front line can only go as far as the supply line allows them. Thanks for being our supply line.


This is our life’s calling and we aren’t going to quit anytime soon.


With Hope & Determination,

Kim Westfall


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