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Resourcing Anti-Trafficking Advocates Around the World

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Our goal at Uncaged is to unlock transformation for trafficking survivors and to work towards ending human trafficking once and for all. Together with experts from around the world, we have been focused on Romania as our strategic first step in blanketing Europe in anti-trafficking efforts.

One key to our strategy is freeing survivors from the effects of trauma and equipping each one for a full, sustainable life. We empower survivors utilizing evidence-based, trauma-informed therapies. Our program integrates the best practices in human trafficking aftercare. We know that we must also share this knowledge and best practice with abolitionists everywhere and are proud to come alongside like-minded organizations to throw open the doors and end trafficking.

We saw this sharing of knowledge and resources happen earlier this year when our Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Vanessa Snyder, was able to collaborate with O.U.R. in West Africa. O.U.R. is working to equip local organizations with the training and tools they need to support survivors of trafficking. Dr. Snyder worked in West Africa to train local groups on how to best help trafficking survivors heal from the complex and compound trauma of trafficking. She trained local collaborators in the group on many parts of the trauma healing process including how trauma affects the brain, behavior, communities, and families.

The staff at O.U.R. said "the impact of this training will have a ripple effect on survivor care throughout the region as the trainees share their experience and knowledge. We are grateful for collaborations like these that facilitate the healing journey for survivors."

Dr. Snyder was excited to be a part of bringing trauma-informed care training to parts of the world that have not been able to experience these types of training before. She said this kind of care is especially important because of the population served there. "It was wonderful being able to engage with leaders, counselors, and pastors doing this work in complex parts of the world," said Snyder, who trained about forty individuals. She noted that some had been child soldiers or had been trafficked themselves, and now they are doing the work to assist survivors in West Africa.

We are excited to see how our team is globally resourcing others with trauma-informed therapies that lead to transformation. This is how we end trafficking in Romania and then in the most desperate parts of the world.

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