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We're Stepping It Up at The Sanctuary!

It's hard to communicate in a single email all the exciting things that are happening at The Sanctuary! Your support of our mission is unlocking the cage today. All of this is possible through donations, big and small. Here are just a few ways we've been stepping it up in Romania this summer.

The list of projects being done at The Sanctuary is long, and upgrades and essential changes are happening almost daily:

One other big way we have stepped things up is by receiving our official certification! In order to provide care and protection to survivors of human trafficking, we needed to apply for a specific license. We underwent evaluations of our buildings, program, personnel, and strategies by the Ministry of Labor and Social Justice. This license allows us to receive survivors of trafficking from any country (minors and adults) and offer care and therapy at The Sanctuary. It was really exciting finding out we are the first center licensed for such activities!

In recent weeks we have been putting all the new facilities to work as our Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Vanessa Snyder, and two visiting therapists training local people and friends of Uncaged in trauma-informed therapies. These trainings will impact the work with survivors here at The Sanctuary and be taken back to many other places. We are elated to see The Sanctuary become a hub of anti-trafficking training and networks that will throw open the doors for survivors all over the world!

Finally, in HUGE news, our team recently drove onto The Sanctuary grounds with our first survivor! Read what she said and make sure to follow us on social media in coming days for more highlights and updates as we keep taking steps toward freedom! We are ready to shower so many more precious souls with comfort, care, and healing in this place. We can hardly contain our excitement in seeing each of these steps taken. You can be a part of walking alongside us as we work towards ending human trafficking once and for all.

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