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Building Trust and Experiencing Growth

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Kim Westfall, Founder of Uncaged told us, "As I think back to my time recently in Romania, I am filled with gratitude and joy. It’s always wonderful to spend time with our incredible team on the ground—Romanian nationals with a passion to see their nation transformed. They work every single day to bring healing and transformation to women and children who have lived through the horrors and abuse of trafficking."

Our Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Vanessa Snyder, and a team of experts joined our team in Romania. They had the opportunity to train individuals in Trauma-Informed Therapies. They got to do more than just talk about therapeutic interventions; they got to see them in action. The team was able to see our brand new ropes course in use, just one of the many tools we are using for holistic care at The Sanctuary.

Here is A Word from Our Experts on our Ropes Course:

At the Sanctuary, we utilize a low elements ropes course for therapeutic interventions that allows our survivors to build trust with others as well as experience interpersonal growth. Individually, the course allows our survivors the opportunity to boost confidence and build self-esteem. They are able to develop both emotional and physical strength as well as trust in self. As a team, they are able to work together and communicate effectively to get through each challenge. Teams will experience conflict and will have to engage in conflict resolution and proper decision making to get through the course. Our survivors are also developing leadership skills such as problem-solving, goal-setting and strategic risk-taking. Research shows short and long-term benefits from ropes course participation including reduction of anxiety, overcoming fear, an increase in self-awareness and self-esteem, as well as building of self and relational trust.

The reality of this experience—there is nothing more impactful than to see a 14-year-old survivor overcome fear to lead a group with courage and power.

Now that you've heard more about our low elements ropes course, see it for yourself! Watch this short video for an introduction to our course. Click here to see a team experience on the course.

Tools like these, in the hands of our experts, are going to bring transformation for hundreds and thousands of precious souls. Thank you for supporting Uncaged and being a part of unlocking healing for shattered hearts!

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