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The Pieces of the Puzzle Are Coming Together

It's amazing to see how the pieces of the puzzle come together when we keep working toward ending slavery in Romania and across the world. Advocates get involved. Key people offer their help when they are moved to compassion. A Freedom Highway is truly being built!

Many survivors come to The Sanctuary needing legal assistance. We've always had to find lawyers around the country to represent these ladies. Some have been able to offer their services pro-bono but others have not had that ability. It has sometimes been a challenge to find help.

About a year and a half ago our European Director, Beni, met a man who is a wonderful leader in Romania. We will call him Joshua. Joshua owns a very successful law farm and was looking for a place to gather his team for a retreat. He asked if he could possibly use the property at The Sanctuary to do some strategic planning with his team for a few days.

He and his team came to The Sanctuary and while they were there, our team shared with him about the work we do to rescue, protect, and restore trafficking survivors.

"They were all shocked and moved by the stories we shared with them," Beni said. This year, our team met up again with Joshua. Since we started to invest in the Sanctuary, Stephen has been watching us. He realized how serious we are about stopping trafficking in Romania. He recently asked Beni to his office.

"They’re all impressed in the work we do, the quality and level of care we plan to provide for survivors," Joshua told Beni at that meeting that he knows the needs the Uncaged team has and he wants to help meet them. "My firm wants to take all the cases you have for survivors in Europe," Joshua told him.

For us, as a center for the assistance and protection of survivors of human trafficking, this means we will have a quality law firm that will represent our survivors in court. We will be able to provide protection and legal assistance to those who need it.

We are so grateful for yet another open door to our ministry, another provision from God. Because someone saw our heart, our passion, and our investment—he chose to get involved. It’s one more piece of the puzzle that is coming together for the Sanctuary. It's one more way we can unlock transformation for survivors!

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