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The Freedom Highway is Blowing Past Borders

God led us to Romania as a strategic location. It is a primary source country for trafficking in all of Europe. Over the last few years, the need has only increased. Yet, we have seen time and again how the Freedom Highway leads to Romania, too! We’ve seen how we are here in this place for such a time as this.

This year, we were able to build the programs and infrastructure of The Sanctuary to serve survivors. Beyond that, when the war broke out in Ukraine, we were positioned to respond. The reality of the war in Ukraine has resulted in millions of women and children fleeing their homes. Many of these refugees remain in Romania. Read how we’re seeing the local community take action.

One man who fled Ukraine and we were able to assist at the Sanctuary is now back in Ukraine. He is ready and willing to coordinate efforts against trafficking in his own country, now even more vulnerable to traffickers. “I know why God brought me there to the Sanctuary,” he told us, “to open the way to serve more people.”

We’re beginning to see opportunities for the expansion of the Freedom Highway into neighboring countries. The projects are blowing past borders!

Will you be a part of this vast anti-trafficking network? Will you say yes to being the key that ends slavery?

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