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Pushing Back the Darkness of Trafficking and Bringing Birthday Joy

As the situation in Ukraine deteriorated and women and children fled to neighboring countries, Romania received an influx of refugees vulnerable to traffickers. We knew we needed to step in and help the local community recognize signs of trafficking and help these refugees stay free.

Our friends at Convoy of Hope have provided relief supplies and we are working with the local community to distribute food, clothing, and more to Romanian communities that have been housing Ukrainian refugees. This has provided the perfect opportunity to bring help and training at once!

Survivors at the Sanctuary have even been involved in unloading the shipping containers of supplies. After spending the morning hauling packages of rice heavier than they are, some survivors sat around the lunch table, chatting. Looking at her plate full of food, one survivor said, “We loaded up the rice today and those people don’t have food until that rice gets there.” Appreciating what she had, this survivor understood there are people in even worse situations. Instead of thinking of her own rescue, she is thinking about others. What a transformation!

Our team has had the privilege of delivering these aid supplies to Ukrainian refugees. They have been met with love and appreciation. They even got to participate in a birthday party at one location. A little girl celebrated her eighth birthday while thinking of her father back in Ukraine fighting the war.

The gifts our donors give that allow us to continue this work mean this little girl could experience joy on her birthday, though separated from her family and home. Thank you for being a part of transforming lives and communities this holiday season! As we blanket Europe with anti-trafficking resources, care, and compassion we are pushing back the darkness of trafficking!

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