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A Bible Study on Human Trafficking

a letter from kim westfall

Dear Friends—

Since the beginning of Uncaged, God has led us and united many together in this work of transformation. We believe when we understand God's heart for vulnerable people, our hearts are moved to love what God loves. The Spirit guides us in how we should respond. God brings together His people to do His work in the world. 


Will you join us in listening to what God has for us in this next season? I know that together we can unlock transformation for hundreds, even thousands of survivors across the globe.

Download the free Bible Study now, and learn how you can join the Freedom Highway that is leading more and more survivors to freedom every day!


This is our life’s calling and we aren’t going to quit anytime soon. This brief Bible Study is our gift to you. It's perfect for use alone or in a small group. You can use it in your church to begin the conversation about how God is asking your people to get involved in this fight for freedom.  If it’s meaningful to you, we hope you will share what you learn with us and with friends. 


With Hope & Determination,

Kim Westfall


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lives are being transformed
because of partners like you

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