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Impromptu Advocate Training at a Hotel in Greece

Our European Director, Beni Lup, sent members of our team a message over the summer. He was on a much needed getaway in Greece. Instead of sitting by the pool in his hotel, he did what Beni is most passionate about. He talked to the owner of the hotel about the human trafficking situation across Europe and what Uncaged is doing to prevent and end trafficking.

As he got to know the owner and his daughter, they asked Beni if he would train some of their staff on how to recognize trafficking victims. They wanted to do their part. He trained 12 hotel workers, 4 business owners, and 8 tourists (2 from Romania, 2 Albanians, and 4 Serbians) in simple ways to recognize a potential victim. He taught them how to ask her in a very subtle way if she needs help if they see these signs:

1. A big age difference between the man and the girl

2. The girl has no documents in her possession

3. He does not allow her to be alone

4. He calls for a taxi often and sends the girl out

5. She avoids people’s eyes and would always look at him if the waiter asks her questions

6. She has marks or bruises

7. She avoids being in pictures

8. She has no phone with her

9. Look for specific tattoos

We're so excited to share our knowledge and best practices with people and see abolitionists across Europe join the fight. We'll keep doing this until slavery is no more!

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