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It is with great excitement that we announce Dr. Vanessa Snyder has joined Uncaged full-time as our Chief Clinical Officer. Dr. Snyder already has a long history with Uncaged, beginning in a volunteer capacity and traveling to Romania several times before coming on as our International Program Director in September 2020. She has been a key part of Uncaged, creating our holistic trauma-informed therapy program.

Dr. Snyder has specialized in treating complex trauma and sexual abuse for over a decade. She earned her Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with a specialization in Christian Sex Therapy from Richmont Graduate University and her Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision from Regent University. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Sex Therapist, Master Traumatologist, an AAMFT Approved Supervisor, Approved Clinical Supervisor, and a Green Cross Certified Trainer.

She comes to Uncaged with extensive knowledge from owning a private practice in Atlanta and serving as the Founder and Director of the Richmont Trauma Center. She served there as Associate Professor as well as Dean of Clinical Affairs. Dr. Snyder brings experience from her work with Abolition International (Nashville, TN) on research and program evaluations of trauma treatment models in sex trafficking shelters. She also served as the Chief Clinical Officer at No Longer Bound (Cumming, GA), a long-term faith-based, clinical treatment program for men in addiction.

It is this knowledge of trauma that guides the unique way Dr. Snyder will guide the approach to healing at Uncaged. “One of the distinctions of trauma in sex trafficking is its complexity,” says Snyder. “Many trafficking survivors already have a history of some kind of trauma, or many traumas, during their developmental years. Those traumas may include abuse, neglect, poverty, war, or a host of other things. But trafficking becomes an additional horror they experience.”

Dr. Snyder’s research on trauma and secondary traumatic stress in aftercare providers of trauma equipped her to lead Green Cross and Richmont Trauma Response Teams. She traveled globally working with refugees, widows of martyrs, and trafficking victims.

Dr. Snyder brings this vast experience to the therapeutic elements survivors will experience at The Sanctuary. “Healing is absolutely possible,” she says, “but it looks different for each individual. We have to make space for what survivors think health looks like for them. Sex trafficking takes away survivors’ ability to have choices, have a voice, and have power. We want to give those things back to survivors.

She recently spent time training local people and pastors in Sierra Leone with an affiliate organization. We are excited to see how our team is globally resourcing others with trauma-informed therapies that lead to transformation. As Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Snyder will oversee the training of therapists that will work with trafficking survivors at The Sanctuary.

We know healing is possible with the right people and the right strategy. With Dr. Snyder on board and your support, we’re on our way to unlocking transformation for survivors and ending human trafficking once and for all!

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Updated: 4 days ago

Human traffickers weren't stopped by the pandemic. In fact, the desperate situation around the world created by COVID-19 created more opportunities for these evil schemes. During the pandemic access to employment in Romania decreased 85% creating greater vulnerability to trafficking.

The war in Ukraine has created similar opportunities for human trafficking. Vans have been showing up at the border, ready to take advantage of vulnerable women and children fleeing from the war.

Traffickers are more ready than ever to carry out their plans. But, we are ready, too! Throughout the pandemic, we've been continuing our work of rescuing girls, of training a network of anti-trafficking advocates all over Europe, and getting The Sanctuary in Romania is ready to receive thousands of precious souls ready for healing. With your help, we've been unlocking the cage. We cannot wait. Let's fling the doors to freedom open wide!

Hear from Beni Lup, our European Director on why we are crying, "slavery no more!"

In the past couple of months, we've shared with you all the exciting things that are happening at Uncaged. In just the past few emails, we've shared with you that the Sanctuary is fully paid off. We've responded to the needs at the border and created simple systems and training to stop traffickers in their tracks. We've told you how we are making the most of our resources to offer holistic trauma-informed care to survivors, including equine therapy, art therapy, and building flourishing relationships between survivors.

We are seeing such exciting things happening on the property, in the lives of survivors, and all across the Freedom Network that is growing through Europe. The time is now to act. We believe we can see trafficking stopped in our lifetime. Will you join us and be a part of what we are doing? Will you be the key?

As Beni Lup says, "We don't want to be found guilty for not acting when we are required to." Let's act now!

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The Sanctuary is a dream come true. For a long time, I've hoped for a place where we could unlock transformation for trafficking survivors and work towards ending human trafficking once and for all! This is not just my goal but a reality made possible by the right people coming alongside us here at Uncaged. People like you.

We continue to imagine the future as we look out over the incredible property that will unlock transformation for survivors of human trafficking. What an incredible thing it is to be even a small part of opening the door for these precious souls. When you give to Uncaged this month, you are making dreams come true.

In the summer of 2020, we were able to have the property assessed by experts in agronomy–the management of land and crops. We know that there is still much untapped potential on the land. Making the most of the space will serve survivors by creating a space for them to heal from trauma. It will also provide an opportunity to practice vocational skills as they help tend the land. We have already seen the fruits of this labor serve the wider community this year, as we could provide some assistance with food from our storehouses for refugees crossing the border from Ukraine!

Such exciting things are happening on the property. We had someone come out to scope out an area for a ropes course that will become another tool to build community and promote healing among precious souls. Our gardens are growing. We will be implementing a sensory garden as another healing modality. Our team just planted tomatoes, eggplants, green peppers, and bell peppers. Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, we will be able to purchase our own tractor soon to accomplish much of the needed maintenance and expansion!

There are so many possibilities in this healing space, and we can't wait to share stories of what God is doing here.

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