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The Sanctuary is Getting Ready

A comfortable temperature may seem small to us, but to a survivor, it can be a miracle.

Just this winter, one survivor had to make a daring escape through freezing winter weather wearing rags. She was freezing and hungry when our team took her to safety. Other survivors have been left exposed in the heat or the winter with little care from their traffickers.

Because of these experiences, something as simple as extreme temperatures in the Sanctuary facility could be reminiscent of slavery to a survivor. As part of our trauma-informed approach, we want to make every effort to avoid that. That’s why our team has been making upgrades to the Sanctuary. We want each survivor to feel hope on her very skin when she arrives at the Sanctuary. This picture was in my mind when we recently installed the new HVAC equipment across the property. Click here to watch it happen!

Your support is making essential upgrades like these to the Sanctuary possible. Will you join us in preparing this place of hope and healing today?

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