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Stabilization is an Essential Part of Trauma Healing (and here’s how we’re preparing our programs)

Recently, members of our team met with officials from governments, universities, and other NGOs working with vulnerable populations in and near Romania. Then they visited the Sanctuary to meet with four new staff members and complete more in-depth training in preparation for the implementation of our stabilization program. This program includes 12 weeks of residential care and requires a trained day program and overnight staff. As a stabilization site for rescued sex trafficking victims, our staff supports up to 12 survivors in residential care. 24 hours a day, our program director and clinical team are able to support women as they transition from a life of slavery to a life of freedom.

Training for the staff running these programs includes subjects such as trauma-informed care, boundaries, crisis response, and traditional policies and procedures. More training will happen later this year as the success of the clinical program will depend on our continued revising and honing of the day-to-day activities for survivors. We are also seeing the doors opening for trauma conferences and training in neighboring countries where important anti-trafficking work is being developed.

We are working on building a library for our staff as they continue to hone their skills in trauma-informed care. Here are a few books in Romanian we will be adding to the library soon (link to PDF). Your support allows us to provide these essential resources, staff, and training to support survivors every step of the way through their transformation. When you donate, you stock the library, support the staff, and change the lives of precious souls rescued from trafficking. Thank you!

If you would like to learn more about trauma and how stabilization programs will be transformational, here are some recommended resources for you:

  • The Body Keeps the Score – Bessel van der Kolk (2014)

  • Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors – Janine Fisher (2016)

  • When the Body Says No – Gabor Mate (2003)

  • Restoring the Shattered Self – Heather Gingrich (2013)

  • Boundaries — Dr. Henry Cloud (1992)

(These are just a few books on the list. Our Key Holders, monthly partners, received a full list. Want more resources like this? Become a Key Holder today!)

Would you help us provide the wrap-around care healing survivors need? Donate today and be the key that unlocks transformation!

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