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Thank You on the Behalf of the Survivors

Our first trauma-informed retreat hosted survivors from ages 14 to 34. I had tears in my eyes all week. I watched them drive up and heard their gasps as they got out of the car and experienced the fresh air, the welcoming staff, and the dogs. They were giddy when they received their welcome bags filled with toiletries, a journal, an adult coloring book, robes, slippers, and soft blankets. I saw them smelling the roses. I watched as they enjoyed the porch swings, listened to the birds singing, splashed around in the pool, enjoyed delicious food, played games, and danced.

These girls and ladies went from timid and scared to doing trust falls with their team. We saw the transformation happening right in front of our eyes!

And it wouldn’t happen without people like you gathering around us, supporting us financially, encouraging us, and praying for us! Because of you, freedom and transformation is possible for these precious, resilient souls!

Here is a personal "thank you" message from a survivor. I asked her what she liked best about The Sanctuary and this is what she had to say:

On behalf of the Survivors, thank you.

Kim Westfall

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