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Keeping Ukrainians Free from Traffickers

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

You have probably heard that over 1 million Ukrainian people have fled their country since the war began. Thousands of these precious souls have been pouring across the border in Romania. Just days after the violence began, our team at the border estimated that 400 people were crossing through the checkpoint every hour.

Young moms are crossing with strollers and everything they can carry. Their sons and husbands, ages 18-60, are being asked to stay behind and fight the war. Members of our team were able to hand out food at the border to some of these young families.

We were horrified to witness traffickers preparing to take advantage. At the border, one of our team members saw a line of cars waiting to transport Refugees. Many of them had good intentions. Many of them did not. How do we know? We worked with law enforcement to implement a few simple protocols to weed out traffickers. Once we did, many of the cars departed without picking anyone up!

We have already successfully protected hundreds of women and children by implementing the first phase of our strategy. These have included a few simple protocols to keep traffickers away from women and children. Our team is continuing to adapt to keep these women safe in this dynamic situation.

Now, we are also turning our eyes to supporting efforts deeper in Romania.As the refugees move into the country, we have been able to come alongside local efforts. We opened our storage at the Sanctuary to supply officials with extra food and furnishings to assist the refugees. Sharing these items has actually made more space for us to prepare the facilities for survivors!

These events remind us that the Sanctuary is already a beacon of hope and healing. Keep praying for our team as they press on, both at the border and at the Sanctuary.

Your support is the key that allows us to show up for vulnerable women and children in Romania and beyond. Together, we are swinging the door to freedom and restoration wide.

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