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The Impact of Art Therapy

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Survivors of human trafficking have experienced unimaginable trauma. Rescue is only the beginning of healing for these precious women and girls. That is why we have crafted a program of holistic care alongside experts in trauma recovery.

The Sanctuary is a unique, holistic model that delivers the best-in-class aftercare. Now that The Sanctuary is paid off, we need your help to get ready. These preparations are key to unlocking restoration for dozens, soon hundreds, of survivors.

Survivors will receive trauma therapy, housing, and education at The Sanctuary. One aspect of this kind of wraparound care that we’ve seen make a huge impact is art therapy. The act of working with their hands can rewire some of the trauma in the minds of survivors. We have a beautiful space for art therapy set aside at The Sanctuary. As we prepare to bring survivors to the Sanctuary, we want to see this room become a welcoming, safe space for women to create, build community, and heal.

Can you see it? Can you envision a space for survivors to come and feel cared for? From therapeutic sand trays to card-making and painting to building collages, art can make a big difference. The tactile experience lets survivors feel grounded in a safe space. The creativity allows them to express emotions that are difficult to name after trauma. It can help them regain their voices. And it’s fun!

Bring healing to survivors. Give today!

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