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Unlock transformation for hundreds, even thousands

Together, we are bringing hope and healing to the shattered hearts and minds of trafficking survivors. 

Our Key Holders represent the most dedicated anti-trafficking advocates. They commit to giving monthly to our work of unlocking transformation for survivors in Romania and across Europe. 

Want a closer look at how we are unlocking transformation for survivors? Key Holders receive exclusive content every month. Get a monthly email with information from our experts and stories from The Sanctuary you won't get anywhere else.

Today, you can impact hundreds, even thousands of lives by joining this critical group and becoming a Key Holder.
Click the button above or fill out the form below to bring hope and healing to survivors every month.

You hold the key to freedom!
Your Impact - Ramona's Story
Key Holders' impact on survivors ripples outward! Supporting one survivor can bring hope to countless more.

Thanks to support from people like you, we were able to bring Ramona to safety after she escaped her trafficker. Because of her resilience, 28 other survivors of trafficking were freed, too. 

Watch Ramona's story below.
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