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Shower a Survivor with Comfort and Care

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Do you stop to think about it when you squeeze shampoo into your hand? Do you say "thank you" for the warm water you can stand under as long as you like? Most of us take for granted the toiletries we use every day, the abundance of choices we have.

For the girl who has been held by traffickers, these simple things aren't so simple. Her dignity is stripped away. She can't take care of herself. She can't even remain clean.

When survivors arrive at The Sanctuary, we want them to feel cared for and comfortable. Providing them with these necessities does that while helping to restore their dignity.

We're putting together Comfort Kits for each survivor that arrives at The Sanctuary. These custom bags will contain toiletries, journaling supplies, a robe, slippers, and a towel. The items are bought locally in Romania and put into the hands of each precious soul that comes for healing and transformation at The Sanctuary.

You may feel like $10 can't go a long way to help a survivor. You may have $150 to give. Every dollar given makes a difference in the life of a woman or girl who has survived untold horrors.

Imagine for a moment you have survived months or years at the hand of traffickers. Your body is broken. You are full of fear. You are worn out and weary. Now, imagine you arrive at a safe place where people tell you that your life can change. You can be free. You can be whole again. You are welcomed into a cabin where there is a bed just for you. A warm shower. A bag full of gifts to help you feel comfortable and at home. You relax for a moment. You smile.

This is what we want every survivor to feel when she arrives at The Sanctuary. You can help her feel cherished, comfortable, and safe. A gift today helps unlock the door to freedom and healing!

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