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Less than 1% of survivors will ever be rescued, and those who do escape human trafficking need a safe place to go. We work closely with law enforcement and officials to identify trafficking survivors. Then, we bring them to one of our Sanctuaries to begin healing. Our Sanctuaries are each uniquely designed to offer a world-class, holistic continuum of care. 


Each Sanctuary doubles as anti-trafficking centers. Professionals and citizens from all over the region can come to our Sanctuaries to learn how they can fight trafficking.


The first Sanctuary is complete. We are currently scouting for the next location of this transferable and scalable model.


For survivors of trafficking, rescue is the beginning. Unlocking the cage means freeing survivors from the effects of trauma and equipping each one for a full, sustainable life. We aim for nothing less than total restoration.


At each Sanctuary, we empower survivors directly utilizing evidence based, trauma informed therapies. Our program champions and integrates the best practices in human trafficking aftercare. Our transformational approach to healing focuses on (i) overcoming trauma, (ii) reducing vulnerability to victimization, and (iii) reintegration.


Our team in Europe has served over 800 survivors since 2004. Nearly 90% of survivors who have worked with our team are still free after 5 years or more.


To end trafficking, we need to throw open the doors. We must share our knowledge and best practices with abolitionists everywhere. This is the only way we can find survivors and restore them. It’s the only way we can stop traffickers by preventing vulnerable women and children from falling into their snares. 


Uncaged equips organizations and individuals to fight human trafficking through prevention and aftercare. 


Right now, Uncaged is working to blanket Romania with anti-trafficking resources. Therapists will learn trauma-informed best practices. Law enforcement and tourism personnel will learn how to spot a survivor and help her escape. Educators will learn our world-class curriculum for teaching children how to protect themselves. Government officials will learn about the best practices and policies for bringing trafficking to an end. 


This approach is how we end trafficking, first in Romania and then in the most desperate parts of the world. 

Our goal is to unlock transformation for trafficking survivors and to work towards ending human trafficking once and for all! We believe this is possible with the right people and the right strategy. Alongside experts from around the world, we have crafted a three-pronged approach to ending this dark and expansive evil.



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