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Exciting High-Level Opportunities to Grow the Freedom Highway

The Freedom Highway is a network of hundreds of individuals, organizations, and churches scattered across Europe. This year, the movement has crossed borders and sectors of society:

Because of your support, we are able to provide communities with vital education to promote the prevention of human trafficking. We’re also able to do the essential work of training first responders.

This is how your giving enables us to blanket nations with knowledge to promote trafficking prevention!

We’re excited to share two key avenues that have opened up in recent months: expanding connections in law enforcement and with government officials.

We continue to expand our training with local law enforcement and border patrol, including a special unit that will work to stop trafficking.

A new connection to police academies has allowed us access to train police officers in offices and villages, all the way up to the highest level of specialists in investigations, criminal procedures, and prison work. 

They’ve been excited about the practicality of the material.

One student graduating soon from the police academy told us: “Now I understand it is not other people called to fight against human trafficking, but it is us. I always had this idea that somebody else would do it. Now I understand that it is me who has to do it!”

Several have already asked to become volunteer trainers to spread The Freedom Highway into other communities!

The message came in from our European Director recently, “Please pray for the opportunity to meet with a key official in a consular office. We will have the chance to introduce the idea of training and share The Sanctuary model with the government.”

As doors open in consulates, embassies, and local and national governments, the news is spreading.

Uncaged is ready with the materials, the staff, and the passion to add government officials to The Freedom Highway.

We have submitted papers to a national government to lead a department that will recruit psychologists and researchers in the area of trauma for the healing of trafficking survivors. 

Will you pave the way to freedom with us?

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