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The Doors to Europe are Opening

According to the U.S. State Department, Romania remains a primary source country for sex and labor trafficking across Europe.

We must act in Romania, but also across all of Europe. This is not a local problem. Women and girls are being taken from Eastern Europe all over the continent.

Each door that opens in another country means more opportunities to prevent and stop trafficking and to bring rescue and transformation to survivors of these horrors. Join us in blanketing nations with the message of freedom!

78% of victims in Europe are Romanian and 86% of victims found in UK brothels are Romanian.

EU Anti-trafficking Day is recognized each year on October 18. The day's main purpose is to raise awareness and increase the exchanges of best practices from different people working in the anti-trafficking field.

Today—and every day—we, at Uncaged, are committed to sharing our knowledge with abolitionists everywhere. Working with ally organizations means we share the work. We all want the same thing - to say, “Slavery no more!”

Here's a look at a few ways we are extending the Freedom Highway across Europe and how partnerships are helping us spread the message and build a road survivors can follow back to The Sanctuary:

  • We are working with The Romanian Ministry of Transportation to install TV monitors in strategic train stations and airports across Romania. This is a huge step in educating the general public in Eastern Europe about the trafficking happening in their countries and across their borders!

  • We are proud to be piloting a program in Romania to provide educational material for school-aged children to keep the most vulnerable safe! We are working to get materials to 250,000 children in Romania and preparing translations in additional languages. Prevention is happening and we’re ready for the next move!

  • Uncaged European Director, Beni Lup, had the opportunity to speak at the World Evangelical Association to people from over 50 nations! He spoke to them about the urgency of the fight against human trafficking. We believe the church can be a big part of the solution!

  • Just this year our team has engaged with over 2000 volunteers and workers, training them in trauma-informed methods of prevention and healing. To date, we have trained people in three countries this year.

  • We had the opportunity to train church leaders and members on how to identify traffickers and how to recognize survivors. Many told us they wanted to volunteer to be part of this work. They told us they have family in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. “Our families are very much aware of many Romanian and Moldovan girls being trafficked in their countries and all over Europe,” they said. We must be ready to respond to this opportunity. Thousands of survivors are waiting! Thanks to your support we’ve been able to do prevention training with students, children, and adults. We’ve trained border patrol, police officers, social workers, and teachers in prevention, intervention, and legal assistance.

Today, as the world looks to the reality of trafficking in Europe we invite you to work together with us. Every gift, no matter how big or small, helps build the Freedom Highway.

Open the door to freedom today. Be the key!

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