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Make Your Voice Heard

There’s a girl right now who is trapped in a horrible situation. She desperately needs to hear that there is a safe place for her and people who can help her get there. If you could, what would you say to her?

A mother is holding her baby, filled with worry. She doesn’t want the same life for her daughter that she has experienced. She needs to know there is a network of people, waiting to help her get to safety. Will you let her know?

Children hear the false promises of the woman who shows up at their school. A family desperate for money isn’t sure whether to believe the promise of a job for their daughter. The girl waiting in the airport has doubts about going away with this man who says he loves her. Something doesn’t feel right, but she doesn’t know what to do.   

Who will help those at risk stay safe from trafficking? Who will help those who are already victims find freedom? 

At Uncaged, we are building a network of people who are spreading the word. We are training first responders in key places. We are training volunteers who will train people in their communities, expanding the reach of anti-trafficking messaging exponentially! 

YOU can be the person who tells at-risk people in communities all over Romanian the news they need to hear today! We’re already reaching thousands each day, through the video monitors we have installed.

In the coming months, we have opportunities to install more monitors in key places: airports, train stations, trams/streetcars, subways, hospitals, and more! 

Your gifts will go toward purchasing more monitors and signs with our information so survivors like the ones in these stories can get in touch with our team. 

Your gift will allow us to train front-line responders, staff in transportation hubs, hospitals, schools, and staff in our call center who answer these urgent calls! 

What would you be willing to invest to tell those at risk this urgent message? Make your voice heard by potentially 4 million people a day across Romania today! 

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