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Prevention Works: The Survivor at the Door

When we train people how to identify human trafficking victims, they become members of a powerful network that facilitates rescue and helps them become survivors! One person trained can mean more precious souls saved.

This powerful story is a reminder of why we are blanketing Europe with anti-trafficking training!

Our European Director had connected with the owner of a local ophthalmologist’s office last year. He was excited about the work and wanted to be a part of it. He asked for his staff to be trained so they could recognize traffickers in the community or in the clinic.

Just days after the staff had been trained, we got this call. Because of that training, a staff member knew what to do when Tamara arrived at his doorstep—battered, soaking wet, and terrified. His family was able to calm her down, ask questions about her situation, and recognize trafficking at work. They hid her until our team arrived to facilitate her rescue.

She was badly hurt. Our team took her to five different hospitals for all the treatments she needed. We got her to a safe place so she could begin to heal.

As her physical scars began to heal she also began to reengage with others. All Tamara could say in those first days after her rescue was how grateful she was to our team for all they were doing. "I don't know how I'm ever going to repay you," she would say. When she would say, "I don't deserve this," it would give us the opportunity to tell her how worthy and loved she is.

It's because of the support of donors who believe in this work that we are able to get involved in situations like this. We are seeing prevention and rescue spread farther every day because of the opportunity to build a Freedom Highway around Europe.

We are bringing girls like Tamara home because of you. Thank you!

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