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Empowering Romanians to Prevent Trafficking

At Uncaged, we aim to stop any type of success traffickers have by empowering Romanians to actively prevent trafficking!

How are we doing this? By actively blanketing society at every point, we are helping nationals understand how to identify, respond to, and avoid trafficking tactics.

We told you how we are training first responders, key members of society who have influence in their communities.

We aim to reach all levels of society–from school children to refugees crossing the border, and average community members to travelers in airports and train stations. Training the general public is a key part of our strategy to help identify victims and prevent people from being trapped and abused in the first place.

Our opportunities to raise awareness and train the general public are constantly growing. This year we’ve had the opportunity to train members of Romanian and Moldovan communities, church members, non-profit leaders, and school children.

We teach them how to recognize trafficking situations. We share how they can refer survivors of trafficking they identify in their communities to The Sanctuary and help bring them to safety!

Thanks to our local teams’ connections, we’ve been able to work with the government to gain access to public schools. We’ve been able to provide educational materials to school-aged children to keep this incredibly vulnerable population safe.

We are working on getting these materials to 250,000 children in Romania and preparing translations in other languages!

The doors to Europe are opening as we gain more and more allies in Romania and Beyond. Every person trained is another person added to The Freedom Highway— a network of hundreds of individuals, NGOs, and churches scattered across Europe who are doing the important work of rescuing traffic survivors, bringing them to safety, and helping them find their way to The Sanctuary.

You hold the key to preventing trafficking around the world!

Help us train more people and grow The Freedom Highway!

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