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At the end of 2021, we sat down to reflect on all the things Uncaged was able to say yes to in another year hard-hit by the pandemic.

From piloting a training program to help healthcare workers spot the signs of trafficking to participating in a sting operation that freed 5 women from slavery, we were able to say yes to incredible opportunities. We saw an expanded vision form as we moved into more prevention and anti-trafficking strategies across Romania.

We are excited to share the stories with you of how partners stood with us in 2021 to unlock cages for over a hundred survivors and touch over 1,000 lives. Celebrate with us! Click on the 2021 Annual Report to read more!

When we began preparing the annual report, we could never have imagined all we would have to celebrate less than one year later. 2022 has been an even bigger year than 2021 for Uncaged thanks to those who say yes to partnering with us!

It was a year when many of the puzzle pieces came together at The Sanctuary in Romania. The Sanctuary is a place of peace and safety where survivors have access to everything they need to heal. At the core is trauma-informed therapy fueled by the Love of God.

We told you early in the year that the Sanctuary was paid off. We were able to turn our attention then to the ways we needed to spruce up the facility to ensure it was efficient, safe, and comfortable for the precious women and girls that would come for healing.

Finally, in June of this year, all these pieces came together and we welcomed our first survivors. We were ready to receive them with love and care because of our partners. One thing our Key Holders have made possible is allowing us to begin filling “The Sanctuary Closet.” When survivors arrive they often only have the worn-out clothes on their backs. The closet is stocked with beautiful clothes, shoes, and pajamas. When they receive these new clothes, they feel welcome, safe, secure, and cared for…they are clothed in dignity.

We were able to make great strides in upgrades to the facility, furnishing The Sanctuary, hiring and training staff, and creating our programs because more people said yes with us! We launched our Key Holder program this year, inviting anti-trafficking advocates just like you to join us in bringing hope and healing to the shattered hearts and minds of trafficking survivors. Key Holders are those who give a monthly donation in ANY amount and walk hand-in-hand with Uncaged to be the key that unlocks transformation!

Will you say yes to partnering with us in 2022 and beyond

and become a Key Holder today?

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Updated: Mar 15

We’ve told you that rescue is only the beginning for a precious soul who has been trafficked. Total transformation means so much more than freedom and healing from trauma. Many survivors come to The Sanctuary and need protection from their traffickers, require new paperwork to get home, or are facing unfair criminal charges.

We are grateful that earlier this year we received more than we imagined when we finalized our accreditation and licensing of The Sanctuary in Romania. We got all the needed licensing to be involved in social services in Romania, running retreats and programs. We also received licensing as a center for the assistance and protection of victims of human trafficking.

We are thrilled we can provide the legal support survivors need. In addition to this licensing, we’ve made connections with a law firm that has agreed to represent the survivors Uncaged is serving. We also know ensuring safety means protecting survivor identities and stories. We never reveal a survivor’s real name or photo. We have met with experts in cyber security. We’ve installed security to keep all kinds of predators out. We are doing what it takes to keep these women and girls safe.

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Have you ever imagined what the world looks like through the eyes of a survivor?

She has experienced trauma and loss. She has seen the doors begin to swing open as she escaped from trafficking. She has big dreams, but big obstacles to overcome to achieve them.

At Uncaged, we walk with survivors and we equip them to stay free. Nearly 90% of survivors who have worked with our team are still free after five years or more. Survivors like Dorina are walking into their future. You can be the key that unlocks transformation!

Dorina is free from sexual exploitation and walking into her future with her son. She completed our program and worked tirelessly for her family's restoration. Here's what she had to say:

"I have learned that life can be difficult and unknown, but God is always good. I’ve learned that people can influence your life and if you open your heart, you can really be transformed.

I am going to work in the hairdresser’s salon, doing what I always have dreamed to do, making people look beautiful. My past is gone, and I want to live a full life for myself and for others.

I’ll be living together with my son who is 13, and together we will build a strong family, the same kind of family I’ve learned I lived in for the last two years.

I cannot thank you enough for your investment in my life and for making this transformation possible for me and my son."

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