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How Are We Telling 48,000 People a Day About Human Trafficking?

Today we are reaching 48,000 more people a day with the message of prevention than we were this time last year! Can you imagine where we could be in another year with your help?

We told you about this huge opportunity late last year—we formed a partnership with the Romanian Ministry of Transportation to install monitors in key airports and train stations. They not only gave us the go-ahead to install monitors but also to craft the messaging. 

We created videos that tell travelers how to spot situations of trafficking and speak up to stop it. If a woman is being trafficked, she can learn how to get help and get in touch with our team. We were also allowed to train the staff at these key locations, empowering Romanians to take the fight against trafficking into their own hands. They know how to protect themselves and others!

Phase one of this exciting project is complete. We have 10 monitors now running every day in the Bucharest airport and train station. They are in the best locations, right next to the ticket booths and waiting areas. 

We’re so excited to be reaching potential victims, educating travelers, and equipping Romaians to actively prevent trafficking. But this is only the beginning! 

We want to begin Phase Two of this ambitious project as soon as we’re able. This means putting up more screens, making more videos, signs and recorded messages for loudspeakers, as well as training airport staff. Our goal is to reach 3 airports and 16 train stations—which could help 448,000 travelers learn about prevention. 

Another group in Romania saw our monitors and asked us, “Why don’t we have these?” They asked to use our content. More agencies and organizations are not only learning about Uncaged and trusting our work, but are learning about how to protect their communities.

You’re the key to getting this information to more people across Eastern Europe. Thank you for your support that has made this possible. We want to see this message spread as far as it can in 2024! 

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