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How We Helped Take Down a Trafficking Ring

I am writing to share some big news with you: we had a hand in taking down an entire trafficking ring.

You may remember that a colleague and I reported a suspicious situation in an airport this year. Two young ladies were being herded around the airport by a younger and an older man. Something felt off about it. After witnessing some concerning behaviors, we alerted airport authorities. They called us that evening to confirm: the two men were trafficking the ladies. Our intervention had saved them just in time. 

If that had been the end of the story, two precious lives saved would have been enough. God had plans beyond what we could see.

In September, we got word that a ring of 24 traffickers had been arrested. They were smuggling women and girls across Western Europe. The syndicate started over 10 years ago. They targeted low-income women, posing as their boyfriends and promising them great jobs abroad before enslaving them.

We were overjoyed to see this pernicious group taken down. Our jaws dropped when we found out: it was our report in that airport that put international authorities on the syndicate’s trail in the first place. The authorities used evidence and the two traffickers involved in the situation we reported to track the rest of the cabal and ultimately take them down.

When we spoke up at the airport, I had no idea the true impact it would have. Those 24 traffickers cannot hurt women and girls anymore. For all we know, hundreds of women have been pre-emptively saved from being slaves. 

All I can say is that when we are faithful to take one step towards fighting evil, God multiplies those actions beyond anything we can imagine. 

It makes me think about the first Sanctuary. It’s an oasis of 237 acres tucked in the countryside. In the face of this global evil, it can look like a smaller battlefield. Then I realize that we are planning to touch 400 lives of survivors and families in 2021. For each of those people we interact with face-to-face, God will be multiplying freedom and restoration far beyond. 

The thought fills me with determination. The place is ready. The program is ready. All we need to do is find the provision to purchase the last 60 acres of land. 

If you want to push us over the starting line by investing in the Sanctuary, click here today.

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