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The Sanctuary Became a Reality in 2022

Sometimes it felt like the dream of The Sanctuary would never become a reality. During the pandemic, we were not able to move forward with many of our programs, but our team remained hard at work creating a world-class program.

In 2021, we said yes to many new opportunities and saw more survivors freed! Then, this year, The Sanctuary was finally ready!

We paid off The Sanctuary in full! We also received the accreditation and licensing to be involved in social services in Romania and as a center for assistance and protection of victims of human trafficking. Because of the generosity of donors, we were able to: upgrade the equine therapy facilities, get new showers, install heating and AC, update the electrical system, refurbish the kitchen, and install a ropes course. We have new, comfortable furniture and new storage in our laundry and art rooms. Just recently, our outdoor facilities team received new garden equipment and a tractor to assist in log cutting and tending to our orchards and gardens. They are overjoyed!

Our first survivors arrived on the property this year and the transformation we are seeing in them is even more amazing than any improvements to The Sanctuary. One of the girls told us, “you really made this place feel like a home, and made us feel attracted to it. To come here is like coming home.”

Because of people just like you, we’ve been able to say yes to the transformations that need to happen. We’ve been able to see The Sanctuary become a place of healing.

The Sanctuary in Romania is a big part of how we’re unlocking the cage to start healing in Romania. But we want to see slavery eradicated on a global scale! Learn more about how we’re doing that in our new brochure! There are so many more possibilities waiting to be unlocked!

Through the Sanctuary model, our mission is to care for thousands of survivors. Will you help us make that possible? If you're reading this online, subscribe here so you don't miss the exciting updates we're sending in the next few weeks!

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