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We Can Provide the Protection Survivors Need

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

We’ve told you that rescue is only the beginning for a precious soul who has been trafficked. Total transformation means so much more than freedom and healing from trauma. Many survivors come to The Sanctuary and need protection from their traffickers, require new paperwork to get home, or are facing unfair criminal charges.

We are grateful that earlier this year we received more than we imagined when we finalized our accreditation and licensing of The Sanctuary in Romania. We got all the needed licensing to be involved in social services in Romania, running retreats and programs. We also received licensing as a center for the assistance and protection of victims of human trafficking.

We are thrilled we can provide the legal support survivors need. In addition to this licensing, we’ve made connections with a law firm that has agreed to represent the survivors Uncaged is serving. We also know ensuring safety means protecting survivor identities and stories. We never reveal a survivor’s real name or photo. We have met with experts in cyber security. We’ve installed security to keep all kinds of predators out. We are doing what it takes to keep these women and girls safe.

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