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What is Your Part in the Transformation of a Survivor?

Previously unable to see more than a few inches in front of her, she picked out her own glasses, and today a future she never imagined possible is coming into focus.

Annabelle told Uncaged staff recently that she is looking forward to receiving vocational training and getting a job. She asked if she could attend church.

The community has come together to support Annabelle’s transformation—from the doctor who donated his services and the glasses to our friends at Biblicawho donated the Bible she now holds in her hands.

If she doesn’t receive major surgery next year, the doctor says she will lose her eyesight. Your gifts make this next step of transformation possible. Will you join the incredible community supporting Annabelle and others like her with a donation today?

When you say yes to an end-of-the-year gift to Uncaged, you’re allowing Annabelle to take steps into the future she can now see. You’re also helping unlock transformation for countless survivors like her.

Your gifts go to meet basic, critical needs like these. We want to say yes to more survivors, to more transformation in 2023. Annabelle’s story is one of many survivors like her in Eastern Europe. They are waiting for the kind of transformation she is experiencing. They don’t have care or comfort. They have unmet medical needs and are still in bondage. They aren’t free to decide their own futures yet. Will you make this possible for them?

Your year-end gift will support Survivors with resources and care such as:

  • $50 will provide 1 week of art therapy for a survivor.

  • $100 will provide intake support for a survivor.

  • $450 will provide a Survivor with much-needed immediate necessities like wardrobe and medical attention.

  • $1000 will provide vocational training for a survivor.

  • $2500 will provide a survivor with legal fees, trauma care, and in some cases transportation home to Romania.

  • $5000 will provide a survivor medical/emotional/spiritual care for 3 months.

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