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Christmas for Annabelle Isn’t Possible Without You

This time last year all Annabelle wanted for Christmas was to be free. This year, she is not only free from her traffickers, but she is learning that she has the freedom to dream!

When survivors, like Annabelle, take an interest in their futures, they learn they can make their own decisions. They are heading toward the ultimate goal of empowerment. This is a key to our holistic approach at The Sanctuary.

We are helping survivors understand the power they have to make choices about their own lives. Every choice they are given is activating the part of the brain that trauma has

affected, bringing them closer to wholeness.

Thanks to the generosity of your gifts, Annabelle’s transformation has begun. She is doing well in school, has built a trusting relationship with another survivor, and has received the medical care she needed.

Your gifts make Christmas miracles like these possible.

There are survivors still in bondage this Christmas awaiting transformation.

This is only the beginning. We want to bring many more survivors to The Sanctuary in 2023.

Your year-end gift will support Survivors with resources and care such as:

  • $50 will provide 1 week of art therapy for a survivor.

  • $100 will provide intake support for a survivor.

  • $450 will provide a Survivor with much-needed immediate necessities like wardrobe and medical attention.

  • $1000 will provide vocational training for a survivor.

  • $2500 will provide a survivor with legal fees, trauma care, and in some cases transportation home to Romania.

  • $5,000 will provide a survivor medical/emotional/spiritual care for 3 months.

  • $20,000 will provide wrap-around care for 4 survivors for 3 months.

  • $50,000 will cover a month of operations at The Sanctuary.

Won’t you give Annabelle and others like her the gift of hope and healing this season?

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