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We have the power to change lives daily,and we couldn't do it without you!

Rescuing survivors requires training first responders and the general public. They become allies and advocates and The Freedom Highway grows. Yet, rescue is only the beginning. 

Imagine a human trafficking survivor who has newly escaped. She longs for a safe place but the road to get there is long.

If we all come together we can provide what she needs on this journey: medical care, food, clothing, travel costs and documentation, and intake support once she arrives at The Sanctuary. 

Will you travel along the Freedom Highway with her?

Unlock her freedom with your donation before the year is over!

See how your gifts can change lives this coming year:

  • $50 can provide documentation for a survivor who needs it to travel.

  • $100 will go toward intake support of a survivor when she arrives at The Sanctuary.

  • $500 allows us to provide training in trafficking prevention for local community in a European Country. 

  • $1000 will provide a survivor with legal fees, trauma care, and in some cases transportation home to Romania.

  • $2500 can pay for one monitor installed in either an airport or train station. The message of prevention will reach 48,000 people a day! 

Your gifts pave the way to freedom! Give now.

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