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Nature and Beauty Unlock Transformation

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Hi Friends,

Seeing reports from the property in Romania has been nourishing my soul! Spring has arrived, and our team is hard at work preparing the space to receive survivors from all across Europe once travel restrictions lift fully.

The Sanctuary is quickly turning into the optimal environment for healing. Our team has planted our very first vegetable garden. We’ve already planted flowers to start our meditation and sensory garden. Every element can help a survivor’s healing journey. We want the physical environment growing around the property to soothe, inspire, and nurture healing.

We are able to do this work because of people like you investing their time and expertise. We are so grateful for the chance to work with Cliff Johnston, an agronomist and soil scientist at Purdue University. He is helping us serve survivors and broaden our network of partners near the first property.

While we were in Romania together in January, he visited the local university. They invited him to deliver a lecture. During his time speaking, he couldn’t help but share about how our work at the first Sanctuary echoes God’s greater vision.

“I didn’t plan to talk about Genesis when I went to the University,” Cliff chuckled, “But at the end of my talk I showed everyone Genesis 2:15. We talked about how God put humans in a garden to enjoy it and take care of it. Survivors at the Sanctuary will be taking care of gardens and healing their brokenness at the same time.”

His words must have resonated, because they were eager to partner! After the talk, Cliff met with 5 deans and a handful of faculty from the University to share about Uncaged. Together, they visited the first Sanctuary and mapped out its rich natural resources.

Cliff said. “We knew the local experts would have the best ideas of what to do with the land. Now, they’re aware of Uncaged and excited about the work they’re doing. Their buy-in will really help survivors re-integration into the community.

We are continually amazed at how God positions people like you and Cliff to impact hundreds, even thousands of lives. In this fight to end trafficking, every effort has the power to break chains. Thank you for gifting us with your support, encouragement, and talents!

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