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Budding Agronomy Initiatives

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Hello Friends,

I wanted to share about some of the significant partnerships budding in Romania. During our trip this past January, we solidified core relationships with agricultural universities, both local and international. We connected with experts in agronomy, the science of managing our land and producing crops.

These folks have already done an initial assessment of the property of the first Sanctuary. During this time of quarantine, they’re helping us understand the best agricultural practices to use. They’re even offering to provide us interns and researchers to get started once the travel bans lift! It’s amazing to see how one partnership can cascade into so many opportunities.

These agronomy initiatives will serve our survivors in a variety of ways. We’ve started planting a meditation and sensory garden designed to soothe the effects of trauma. Survivors will practice vocational skills as they help tend the land, skills that will travel with them long after they leave the Sanctuary. Our local University partners even want to develop a program to give survivors an official certificate in agronomy.

We love the idea of survivors tasting the fruits of their labor - blueberries, strawberries, honey from bees. These women will finally have a chance to do honoring work and enjoy what it produces. What a beautiful picture of restoration!

Equally exciting is that these new partners have vast local connections. Their support increases our access to anti-trafficking experts and officials throughout Europe. We are growing our capacity for building an anti-trafficking movement: first in Romania, and then around the globe.

Your prayers and encouragement are paving the way for these connections - I feel them! Together, we're swinging the door to freedom wide open.

PS. We are celebrating the fact that we have the Sanctuary almost paid off! We only have $410,000 to go!  If you are interested in helping us finish this please contact Kim today.

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