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Doors have flung open for us to train first responders like medical personnel, border patrol, educators,  and business people. In 2023, we saw the urgent need to educate more communities and the general public more widely. 78% of the trafficking victims across Europe are Romanian. Romanians need to become more aware of trafficking and be empowered to protect themselves!

We formed a key partnership with the Romanian Department of Transportation and began placing monitors in airports and train stations.


We developed videos that thousands of travelers would see every day, putting anti-trafficking education at their fingertips. We began training personnel in these places how to stop trafficking when they see it, and staffed a hotline for people to call when they believe they see trafficking occurring and need help! Within months, the message was reaching tens of thousands every day!


This project is expanding rapidly. As soon as news got out about the monitors we installed in the Bucharest airport and transition, calls began pouring in. More travel hubs, organizations, and government officials wanted to partner with us. News reports circulated.


The need is huge.

The opportunity is unprecedented.


With your help, we can reach millions this year with the message of prevention. When you invest in our work, lives are literally being saved! Your donations mean more monitors, more training, and more survivors being rescued! 


To end trafficking, we need to throw open the doors. Uncaged equips organizations and individuals to fight human trafficking through prevention and aftercare. 


Right now, Uncaged is working to blanket Romania with anti-trafficking resources. Therapists are learning trauma-informed best practices. Law enforcement and tourism personnel are learning to spot a survivor and help her escape. Educators are learning our world-class curriculum for teaching children how to protect themselves. Government officials are partnering with us to learn and spread best practices and policies for bringing trafficking to an end


This approach is how we end trafficking, first in Romania and then in the most desperate parts of the world. 



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  • May 2024: The Minister of Health has connected with our team about outfitting these hospitals with video monitors and signage to educate people in 350 hospitals around the nation.

  • March 2024: The news is spreading across Romania and we are responding to calls that are saving lives and raising awareness.


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