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Changing the Future of Generations

Recently, I visited The Sanctuary, one of my favorite places on earth,” says Uncaged Founder, Kim Westfall. “As we drove through the forest and the winding roads, a sense of peace fell over me. When we arrived at the Sanctuary we were greeted by the ponies, puppies, and our beautiful orchards and cabins. It felt as though I might have reached Heaven. Arriving at sunset, the light is dimming and the sky is filled with deep corals and pinks. It forced me to exhale and leave the troubles of the world behind me, and to allow myself to be enveloped in nature, beauty, peace, and safety.

Can you imagine being a young woman having been trapped in a room, in a lifestyle where she had no peace, no safety, no independence and then arriving at a place like this?”

The Sanctuary in Romania was created to be a safe place for human trafficking survivors—a place to heal from the effects of trauma and be equipped for a sustainable life. We recently received a license that allows us to accept women with children at the Sanctuary. This is critical as so many of the traffic victims have children. We can meet more needs now and open our doors to precious souls and their children. 

On this particular visit to The Sanctuary, Kim had the privilege of meeting a young lady. We will call her “Florina” and her 5-month-old baby, “Clara.”*

This precious baby, Clara, was born into human trafficking. Kim recalls she couldn’t help but struggle as she processed the thought that “this good and perfect gift was born into turmoil, destruction, and pain. It’s a fact. A heartbreaking fact. But at the same time, I had the realization that WE are saving generations.”

Kim says if Florina hadn’t been rescued when she was, the trafficker would have groomed Baby Clara to become his next piece of merchandise. This is the unthinkable reality for many sweet babies and their moms.

But on this visit, Kim got to see Florina and Clara surrounded by the kind and caring Uncaged team. Kim laughed when she realized  Clara had everything that a little 5-month-old should have (and more), saying, “I fear she is being spoiled as she is rarely put down.”

Those who support the work of Uncaged are making this happen,” says Kim. “They are the ones who have provided mom and baby with stability, acceptance, love, and a hope-filled future.”  

Florina is on her healing journey. Our goal is for her to heal physically, mentally, and spiritually and for her to become a self-sufficient, productive member of society. With your help, that’s going to happen. 

When you give to Uncaged today, you are unlocking the door for future generations and ensuring they remain free!

*For the safety and protection of survivors, we never reveal their real names or photos. 

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