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Luminita Reclaims Her Future

Luminita was supposed to be an entrepreneur. She was studying hard in her second year of University to get her Business and Management degree. But the man she thought was her boyfriend turned out to be her trafficker. After 14 months in slavery, she escaped. Soon after, we brought her back to Romania to start healing in our program.

That was just 1 year ago. Today, Luminita is back on track to becoming the businesswoman she dreamed of being. This summer, she participated in our “Sew Good” initiative. She teamed up with other survivors who learned how to sew and created full-fledged business plans. They even explored fundamentals like supply chains and marketing!

Most of the 62 survivors who were in our program this year are just like Luminita. They are smart, driven, and kind women who were betrayed by someone who was supposed to love them.

There are thousands more survivors just like Luminita waiting to go to a place like The Sanctuary. Just two weeks ago, I received word of 58 Romanian survivors waiting in safe houses across Europe.

Let’s pave the way for hundreds of survivors like Luminita to heal and thrive.

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