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Unlocking Transformation with Sew Good

Hi Friends,

I am so inspired seeing survivors take wing with our Sew Good initiative! These resilient women have gone from slavery to dignity and sustainability so quickly. Our Romania team got to catch up with one of the initiative’s first participants, “Ludovica,” and hear how this program has jump-started her transformation and healing.

Ludovica has built a thriving business that supports her and protects her community, and she did it during a pandemic! You’ll see below that she has a big heart and even bigger dreams. Here’s Ludovica in her own words...

Uncaged: How do you feel about your new sewing machine?

Ludovica: When I saw the new sewing machine I couldn't believe that I could work on it. It is so nice and quiet. It even smells nice. I am happy that someone trusted me with such a precious machine.

Uncaged: Has it been helpful? How?

Ludovica: It helps me to know that my hands can make something useful. This can be a good job for me as I prepare for my future.

Uncaged: How do you feel about making masks for your people?

Ludovica: When I made the first mask, I looked and felt like it was terrible, with no beginning and no end, incomplete. Then the lady who teaches us took it and said "This is wonderful.” I looked at it again. It was beautiful. About 3,000 masks later, I feel that there is a piece of myself in each mask I make, in each person that wears it.

Uncaged: What are your hopes for your future?

Ludovica: I believe that my future is already different because people trust me now. They teach me and they help me. My hope is that one day, when I get back to my village, people who need help come to my house and I can fix their clothes and make beautiful new ones.

I used to be scared and very much afraid of people. Now, I learned to trust people because they trust me. I like to tell people that someone, somewhere is prepared by God to show you the right way. People here have shown me the way to hope, the way to joy and the way to a new life.

This is a tiny glimpse of what is possible when survivors receive the support they need and deserve. It only takes about $1000 to provide a survivor with a sewing machine, fabric, thread, and training in order to accelerate their journey to freedom.

You are the key that unlocks this kind of transformation, and it all starts with our Sanctuary model of holistic care.

Many others like you have gotten us so close to launching the first Sanctuary and its incredible program in 2020. To accomplish this huge vision, we’re working to identify more people like you who are ready to bring healing to thousands of survivors.

If you are ready for more information on how to invest in making this vision a reality, click here to get in touch with me. I would love to talk to you.

Grateful & Hopeful,


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