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Let's Act Now!

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Human traffickers weren't stopped by the pandemic. In fact, the desperate situation around the world created by COVID-19 created more opportunities for these evil schemes. During the pandemic access to employment in Romania decreased 85% creating greater vulnerability to trafficking.

The war in Ukraine has created similar opportunities for human trafficking. Vans have been showing up at the border, ready to take advantage of vulnerable women and children fleeing from the war.

Traffickers are more ready than ever to carry out their plans. But, we are ready, too! Throughout the pandemic, we've been continuing our work of rescuing girls, of training a network of anti-trafficking advocates all over Europe, and getting The Sanctuary in Romania is ready to receive thousands of precious souls ready for healing. With your help, we've been unlocking the cage. We cannot wait. Let's fling the doors to freedom open wide!

Hear from Beni Lup, our European Director on why we are crying, "slavery no more!"

In the past couple of months, we've shared with you all the exciting things that are happening at Uncaged. In just the past few emails, we've shared with you that the Sanctuary is fully paid off. We've responded to the needs at the border and created simple systems and training to stop traffickers in their tracks. We've told you how we are making the most of our resources to offer holistic trauma-informed care to survivors, including equine therapy, art therapy, and building flourishing relationships between survivors.

We are seeing such exciting things happening on the property, in the lives of survivors, and all across the Freedom Network that is growing through Europe. The time is now to act. We believe we can see trafficking stopped in our lifetime. Will you join us and be a part of what we are doing? Will you be the key?

As Beni Lup says, "We don't want to be found guilty for not acting when we are required to." Let's act now!

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