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Launching the Freedom Highway for Survivors

The darkness of Human Trafficking is vast and deep. Even a million points of light shining on their own cannot overcome it. We need to work in unison as one searing beacon. This is why I am overjoyed that Uncaged is in the process of building the Freedom Highway.

An abolitionist shares at our summit. Face concealed.

You may remember that earlier this year, we gathered 30 freedom fighters at the Sanctuary for our first Freedom Summit. Together, they created an anti-trafficking strategy for all of Europe. As it turns out, the individuals we gathered are in contact with a vast network of Romanians who live all across Europe. Word of the anti-trafficking strategy spread quickly across the continent, activating an alliance. That alliance is the Freedom Highway. On March 6th, over 300 individuals gathered in Western Europe. Each person pledged to support the Freedom Highway and the fight to end trafficking.

Right now, the Freedom Highway includes social workers, healthcare workers, professionals, churches, and even staff at restaurants and hotels. Our European Director is coordinating the Highway. We are ensuring each Freedom Fighter is equipped with 4 key abilities:

  1. Recognizing a trafficking survivor

  2. Aiding a trafficking survivor in escaping

  3. Connecting a trafficking survivor to a safe house

  4. Journeying with a trafficking survivor to make sure she remains safe and stable before coming to the Sanctuary.

This work is already bearing astounding fruit. Remember the 58 women tucked in safe houses across Europe? The Freedom Highway found many of them and connected them to us. Freedom Highway members are the ones making sure these survivors stay sane and stable until we can bring them to the Sanctuary. A thousand points of light are coming together. I see it in the Freedom Highway, which is growing stronger every day. I see it in your encouragement of this work. The darkness will not overcome.

We hold the keys to freedom!

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