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Your Partnership Makes the Best Care for Survivors Possible!

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Medical Care is Urgent for Survivors

One urgent step on the journey to healing for a human trafficking survivor is medical care. When a survivor first gets free from her trafficker, she often needs immediate medical care. She cannot focus on healing her shattered heart and mind until her body begins to heal.

At Uncaged, we are partnering with local medical professionals to provide care for human trafficking survivors. Thanks to the generosity of our partners we were able to open a clinic on the site of The Sanctuary this year so survivors can receive care on-site. Today we are hearing from the donors who made this dream a reality, Drs. Todd and Angela Moore.

"Over the past several years, Angela and I have become much more aware of the problem of sex trafficking,” says Todd, who insists “the extent and nature of the problem demand action from those who have anything to offer. Specifically, the words of Jesus in Luke 12:48 clearly outline that to the one who has been given much, much will be required.”

We All Have Something We Can Give

Drs. Todd and Angela Moore have given much to serve survivors, not only their gifts but their time and talents, as well. “Since we have medical backgrounds, Todd as a surgeon and Angela as a dermatologist, helping people escape injustice to begin the healing process makes sense,” Todd told us. “We can understand the medical issues involved, especially given the high probability of physical harm. Thus, when we learned about an opportunity to help make essential medical care accessible by funding a small clinic on the campus of the Sanctuary, this provided a logical outlet for our choice to engage.”

They understand the critical need medical care poses to trafficking survivors. “Whenever people lack access to routine medical care, their medical problems intensify,” they tell us. “By setting up a legitimate clinic on-site that is staffed by trained nurses and other providers, Uncaged can offer another layer of security to survivors inclined to avoid the traditional medical system. This helps build trust between survivors and the staff, and it affords some dignity in the process. Jesus frequently offered physical healing as part of deliverance.” 

Why Give to Uncaged?

We asked them, “Why choose Uncaged to partner with?” They told us the answer is simple: the people. “We trust Kim Westfall and the vision God has given her for this work, especially in Romania,” they shared. “As we learned more about trafficking in Europe, we didn’t realize the critical importance of Romania as the primary pipeline for victims. We soon met Beni and came to marvel at the experience and faith he brings to the ministry in Europe. His reputation and diligence have brought him considerable favor in the eyes of men, and this has opened up opportunities to serve across Eastern Europe. The war in Ukraine highlighted the need to intervene to prevent trafficking amid the crisis. So, bolstering the ministry of Uncaged has become an urgent priority.”

We were so excited when the Moores were able to visit us recently in Romania, sharing the wealth of knowledge they have with our team. Todd says he was glad to “strengthen the ties that Uncaged has to the community near the Sanctuary rescue center.” Dr. Angela was able to work alongside a local physician and offer free medical evaluations and treatments. Even the local mayor made an appearance. This reinforced the significance of this ministry, even in the eyes of the local leaders.

The Next Steps: Training Medical Professionals as First Responders

Finally, we are looking to train more medical professionals in the coming year to recognize the signs of trafficking all across Europe. When a person still stuck in the cycle of slavery comes in for care, they will know what to do to help. This is one step on a survivor’s journey but a vital part of building The Freedom Highway!

Todd agrees that this is the next step. He says, “Conventional wisdom extolls preventative medicine as the best kind (eg “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”) As Uncaged expands its programs to meet the vulnerable before they are trafficked, the strategic impact of preventing such crime makes good financial sense.”

We are grateful to be able to rise to meet the needs of survivors thanks to the support of these incredible doctors and friends of Uncaged. 

How can you walk alongside survivors this coming year? Will you help us continue to offer world-class medical care and holistic trauma-informed therapy to help transform lives?

You can be the ally who walks with a survivor, just like the Moores. You can make it possible for us to train medical professionals all over Europe, to bring more survivors to The Sanctuary, and to see more lives transformed. The Freedom Highway is paved by partnerships with people just like you.

Your gifts pave the way to freedom! Give today!

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