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Healing Mind, Soul, and Body

How do we unlock the transformation of mind, soul, and body?

We built The Sanctuary in such a way as to meet the needs of survivors. We wanted to provide the comfort, care, and safety human trafficking survivors need to heal long-term. We know that means holistic care, a trauma-informed approach.

It also means long-term medical care. The first urgent need of a rescued survivor is medical attention. We’ve seen survivors who found freedom arrive filthy, hungry, and sick. Some are non-verbal, beaten, and bruised. Most need immediate medical treatment or hospitalization.

The need does not stop there. When you are in pain, this is all you can think about.

The American Medical Association names just a few of the acute and chronic medical needs survivors will experience: STDs, pelvic inflammatory disease, respiratory illnesses, dental infections, gastrointestinal illnesses, and exacerbations of chronic conditions such as asthma or diabetes. Many illnesses take years or decades of treatment.

We were thrilled to partner with generous donors last year to begin the work on a medical clinic right on The Sanctuary property! Angela and Todd Moore are physicians who were excited to be a part of building a medical clinic because they see it as a sustainable solution to the profound physical needs of survivors. Another exciting aspect for them was empowering and equipping local healthcare workers as a sustainable solution to ongoing healthcare needs.

They said they trust the leadership of Uncaged and believe “spiritual healing requires physical healing as well.” I had the great joy of seeing it when I visited The Sanctuary earlier this winter. The final touches are now complete on the inside of the medical clinic right on The Sanctuary grounds. We have two licensed nurses on-site and a relationship with local hospitals.

Angela and Todd said they’d strongly encourage others who are considering getting involved in the work of Uncaged, to take the leap! “If you aren’t sure,” they said, “consider how God may have equipped you to be part of bringing justice to a very broken world.”

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