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Will You Choose Hope?

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Less than 1% of survivors will ever be rescued, and those who do escape human trafficking need a safe place to go.

All around the world, people are telling the same story. We relive it every spring. The world goes dark. It seems like all hope is lost. But then the stone is rolled away and Sunday morning arrives. Hope is alive.

As we approach Easter, our team is thinking about the paradox we relive each Holy Week. When it is darkest, we know hope is around the corner.

We’ve been sharing statistics that are hard to hear. The realities of human trafficking, of women and girls snatched from their lives into the chains of slavery, are hard to face.

Hundreds of children have arrived from a bombed-out country without their parents. We told you about the children who were beginning to arrive from Ukraine recently, and you responded. Your gifts have enabled us to help assure over 580 Ukrainian children are in safe places, housed by our ministry partners. We sent food and clothing. Our team was able to greet them and give them toiletries, medicine, and toys.

Many in the Northern part of Romania are getting ready to go to school and we are working with an ally organization to create a curriculum specifically for children coming across the border. We will train these teachers and those in the community on how to keep these children safe from human trafficking. Your partnership allows us to train them.

We stare into the face of the war. And we must choose to hope anyway.

Young women long to return to their homes in Romania but don’t even know there is a way out of the brothels of Germany.

Members of our team were in Romania visiting The Sanctuary recently and we saw these realities with our own eyes. The property is stunning. The staff is beyond description. Warmth and safety radiate from every corner of The Sanctuary.

While we were there, we got word that dozens—likely hundreds–of women from Romania were trafficked and sent into the brothels of Germany. An ally organization asked us to come. Back into the darkness.

I boarded a plane to Germany with a broken heart, wondering what I could possibly say to these women. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain and suffering these precious souls have experienced. But I knew I had to go and face this dark reality. I will share more with you about this in the coming days.

We stare into the face of the trafficking. And we must choose to hope anyway.

Will you join us in choosing hope today? Will you believe with us that we can unlock transformation for survivors?

When you give to Uncaged, you stand up and choose to say, “I will be the key.”

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