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Provide stability in the life of a child at risk

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Can you imagine the trauma a child experiences living through a war? Add to that leaving your parents behind to go to a new land where you do not know the language. You are dependent on strangers for your basic needs.

This is what over 500 children who have arrived in Romania from Ukraine are experiencing.

We know from our trauma-informed work with survivors that those who are most vulnerable—the young, poor, diseased, and addicted—are at a greater risk for victimization.

Our Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Vanessa Snyder, shared this in training with our staff:

“Trauma in the early years shapes the brain and psychological development, sets up vulnerability to stress and to the range of mental health problems.” according to Professor Louise Newman of the University of Melbourne.

Dr. Snyder points out how experiencing a trauma in childhood can have adverse effects on functioning as well as personality and psychobiological development, resulting in traumatic stress symptoms in adolescence. “Unlike adults whose trauma experience might alter behavior, trauma in childhood literally becomes a part of the organizational framework of neurodevelopment,” she says.

That’s why prevention in the lives of vulnerable children is key! Our team is blanketing Romania with anti-trafficking education to make sure the community stays alert and aware against the schemes of traffickers. We are making sure those from Ukraine taking shelter in Romania are getting this education as well!

Those fleeing the war in Ukraine are the most at-risk group in Europe right now. Just take a look at this staggering statistic:

Your gifts not only allow us to provide these basic needs. They provide stability in the life of a traumatized child at risk. They can change statistics like those above, helping us turn the tides of trafficking in Europe.

We urgently need: clothes and coats, food, medications, pajamas, socks and shoes, mattresses, bedding, towels, and detergent.

Give $25 (1 child), $50 (2 children), $75 (3 children), $100 (4 children), ormore today.

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