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This Giving Tuesday, You Can Make Transformation Possible

This Giving Tuesday, do you want to make transformation possible in the life of a human trafficking survivor? What about changing the lives of thousands of survivors?

We’ve shared with you recently about Annabelle, a young survivor with great needs. We were able to meet her urgent medical needs when she was rescued, freezing and hungry. Because of the generosity of donors like you we were able to help her transition to a safe place, provide her with shelter and food, clothing and comfort. She is getting ongoing trauma-informed therapy and spiritual care.

Annabelle is just one girl among thousands like her in Eastern Europe and we want to have the capacity and resources to come alongside them. We all have basic needs met each day that we don’t even stop to think about. With your ongoing support, we can provide food and housing, medical care and comfort, and holistic, trauma-informed therapy and care that brings transformation into the lives of survivors like Annabelle.

Your donation this Giving Tuesday will enable us to reach more survivors!

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