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Help Us Communicate Love to Survivors

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Can love be expressed through a bowl of soup? Can the comfort of a beautiful home-cooked meal communicate comfort and care to a trauma survivor?

Laura, a trafficking survivor, was "repositioned" after 2 years with a host family. When we asked her about love and how she felt about starting her new life, this is what she said:

"Love to me means the first bowl of soup I received in the new home I went into two years ago. I remember the candle on the table, the warm bread on a plate, and an orange bowl of soup that I was served with love after years of bondage and abuse. I’ve learned that people can influence your life and if you open your heart, you can really be transformed.

I have learned to bake, I have learned to sew, I have learned to be a hairdresser; I have learned to pray and to dream again. I am going to work in the hairdresser’s salon, doing what I always have dreamed to do, making people look beautiful. My past is gone, and I want to live a full life for myself and for others.

I am moving forward with the baggage of love that I gathered during the two years spent with great people." Laura has been living with her son independently for just under a year. She is thriving thanks to the LOVE of her host family and the support of people like you.

When survivors arrive at The Sanctuary, we want to pay special attention to every aspect of their care and comfort: A warm meal for a woman who was given scraps. A blanket to wrap around the body that was freezing. A pair of pajamas to replace the tattered clothes she was rescued in.

Help us communicate love to each and every precious soul that we encounter. A monthly gift will speak volumes to her. Become a Key Holder today and unlock transformation!

*All names and identifying details have been changed.

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