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"I learn 5 bible verses and give them a rose."

Every girl dreams of falling in love with a great guy. Someone who spoils her, says romantic things, brings her a single rose, dreams with her about a beautiful new life that they can create together. And that’s exactly what traffickers do. They prey upon that vulnerable, sweet hope of young (and not so young) women. It’s called, "the lover-boy method." These traffickers have it figured out. In fact, they often intentionally look for victims in churches.

Darius, a former trafficker, explained, "They are more innocent and trusting. And of course, virgins fetch a hire price." His scheme worked like this: he learned 5 bible verses to gain acceptance and admiration at church. Then, he would pick one at a time. "I knew that if I told them I loved them 5 times and gave them a rose, they would be mine."

You might think these women are naive. Not exactly. We have had the privilege of rescuing nurses, mature women (age 56!) and even a police woman.

It can happen to anyone. But of course, young women and girls are the most vulnerable. So what’s the solution? EDUCATION. Through our international coalition of freedom fighters, we have access to a curriculum called SPEAK UP. It was designed by a panel of experts to teach school-age children how to protect themselves from becoming victims of trafficking. Kinda important, right?! Now, we have the opportunity to “plug and play” this curriculum into the school system in Romania, blanketing the entire country in this critical education tool. Our team is currently working to translate, contextualize and implement this effective component. And here is where you can help.

We have created a petition encouraging the Romanian government to adopt the SPEAK UP program and make it a regular part of the education system. Remember, 78% of traffic survivors found in Europe are Romanian. They are the most trafficked population in all of Europe! We love Romania and we want to see her beautiful children protected. Help us by signing the petition and sharing this important information with a few friends. It’s time for the good guys to get organized ... and that means US. Together we can begin to turn the tide of trafficking,

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