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SPEAK UP: Tell the Romanian Government to teach kids about Human Trafficking



Romania is the biggest source of sex trafficking survivors in Europe. 78% of sex trafficking survivors rescued in Europe are from either Romania or Moldova. In a recent operation to free enslaved women in the UK, 86% of the women trapped were Romanian.


Thousands of Romanians are enslaved at any given moment. Even worse, 50% of them are children. 

While many Romanians know about trafficking, most do not know how it happens. There are few materials to teach them how to protect themselves.


Uncaged began to bring holistic healing to trafficking survivors worldwide. To date, over 700 survivors have begun our healing journey with our team.


After walking with so many survivors, we know how traffickers operate. We're ready to stop them.


SPEAK UP is one of our core initiatives in collaboration with others. It teaches school-age children how to protect themselves from becoming victims of trafficking.  

Our team has adapted the curriculum for Romanians. Now, we just need the Romanian government to use it. 

you can help

Right now, Romania knows that it has to make significant changes if it wants to end human trafficking. For the third year in a row, it was flagged as a Tier 2 watch-list country on the trafficking in persons report. That means the international community wants Romania to do more. 

Our contacts in the government know the time to take action is now. They have asked us to roll out the SPEAK UP curriculum, and we are ready to do it. What we need now is momentum. 

That's where people like you come in. 

speak up

We want to yell loudly and clearly that you want SPEAK UP to be a part of the national Romanian Educational System. Every parent and child in Romania deserves the chance to learn how trafficking works and how they can stop it before it happens.


Will you raise your voice? 

Sign the petition below saying that you believe every Romanian family deserves the chance to protect themselves from traffickers. Education is key.

When you sign the petition, you are saying NO to traffickers and giving Romanian women and girls a chance to fight back.


 sign the petition

I stand with women and children in Romania. I believe that every person deserves an education that will protect them from sex traffickers. 

Today, I am speaking up to show my support for the SPEAK UP curriculum to prevent trafficking. I wholeheartedly believe that this curriculum should be offered to families and children as part of the Romanian Educational System. 

Further, I commit to doing whatever I can to fight human trafficking in my own land, and support survivors of sex trafficking as they heal. 

I am proud to stand as an Freedom Fighter. It's time for the good guys to get organized.

why sign today

  1. Take a concrete step towards protecting vulnerable women and children in Romania from being trafficked.

  2. Let your voice be heard as we use this list to build momentum in Romania with local partners and government.

  3. Send a message to traffickers alongside thousands of abolitionists: their days of operation are numbered.

  4. Get exclusive insights on the battle to restore trafficking survivors in Europe.

  5. Receive personal guidance on ways you can help end human trafficking today.