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KillerDock: How One Family is Fishing for Freedom

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

The number one question we get from people like you is, “How can I help?” As we approach World Day Against Trafficking, we’re highlighting the ways that freedom fighters around the world are already fighting the evil of Human Trafficking.

Aaron Williamson and family of KillerDock are a perfect example of how you can answer that question. His family owns a sheet metal fabrication company that specializes in building industrial items. All the while, the family loved to fish. They lived on the Alabama coast after all, and fishing was one of the ways they connected. What they didn’t love was cleaning the fish they would catch. They had to do it on makeshift wooden tables or plastic sheets. They realized that they had the unique skills to create a better fish cleaning station. In 2018, that’s exactly what they did, and KillerDock was born. They kept fishing. What they didn’t know was that they would be fishing for freedom soon.

“I had known about human trafficking, but I became aware of it more personally when my Dad’s twin sister told us about Uncaged,” Aaron says. Impassioned, Aaron’s father traveled to an Uncaged event to learn about sex trafficking and about Uncaged’s holistic approach to unlocking transformation. When his dad came back, he wanted to talk to his sons. He wanted to do something as a company to fight human trafficking, but he wasn’t sure exactly how it would play out.

After a few conversations, an idea began to form. “One day we said, ‘what if KillerDock partnered with Uncaged to help support their work?’” Aaron recalls. The business was growing. As people of faith, they knew that they wanted to impact the world, not just worry about the bottom line. “I know that all the resources we have are ultimately given to us by God. We just get to steward them,” Aaron says. As they began to talk to Uncaged, they found more and more connections. Aaron and his family innately understood the healing power of nature, a key element of how Uncaged was utilizing the Sanctuary. They knew what it felt like to be outside, connecting with animals, feeling completely free. Survivors would get the same opportunity when they connected with horses in Equine Therapy or learned agronomy from experts in Europe.

“On the surface, it didn’t go together at first, but we said it didn’t matter. Then, we started to notice what mattered to us in our business had echoes in what Uncaged was doing,” Aaron remarks. Now, KillerDock donates a portion of every sale to bring freedom to survivors. Every KillerDock customer gets a note explaining how their purchase is making an impact on hundreds of women and girls.

When asked what encouragement he would give to other freedom fighters, Aaron is clear. “The atrocities of human trafficking are possibly the worst aspect of our world today. When we find opportunities to give part of our lives to people who are in need, it’s the best version of what it means to be human. Everything we do for people who need love goes farther than what we can imagine. Find your way of showing love to these trafficking survivors.”

We couldn’t have said it better than that. Across the globe, from the mountains to the oceans, freedom fighters are rising up to end this evil. The good guys like people at KillerDock, like me and you, are getting organized to end trafficking once and for all.

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