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An Expanding Solution to a Huge Problem

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

The problem is huge. The solution has to be even bigger! We believe we can be part of that solution, that we are on the road to seeing freedom from human trafficking in Eastern Europe. Will you join us?

Human trafficking is a bigger problem than we can indicate with numbers. Many victims don’t find freedom and much of the trafficking goes unreported. What can we do in the face of such a huge challenge?

Alongside experts from around the world, we have crafted a three-pronged approach to ending this dark and expansive evil.

This approach includes bringing trafficking survivors to the Sanctuary to offer a world-class, holistic continuum of care. The second step is continuing to walk alongside survivors as long as it takes for total restoration, integrating the best practices in human trafficking aftercare. Finally, to end trafficking, we need to throw open the doors. We must share our knowledge and best practices with abolitionists everywhere.

In 2022, The Sanctuary in Romania became functional and we brought our first survivor to the property. It was a huge win and a long time coming. But it was only the start!

Now, we are forging ahead to maximize the use of the Sanctuary for women and children in 2023. Our connections in other countries and with other organizations are telling us big things are happening. Hundreds of survivors are being freed and need safety and healing. The opportunities are limitless.

A big part of the solution to ending trafficking in our time is working together. We must share our resources and our knowledge to eradicate modern-day slavery.

As Dr. Vanessa Snyder, our Chief Clinical Officer, says, “If we don’t open our hands, heart, and arms to the community of organizations that work in this field—humbly sharing ideas and space and resources—it won’t get better. Willingness to work together is a priority.”

Together, this year we are dreaming of expansion into new areas, with new organizations, and with hundreds more survivors. Will you be a part of this solution?

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