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When you support organizations like Uncaged, you are directly helping to end the horrors of sex trafficking. One of the most powerful ways to keep survivors free is to give them optimal care after rescue. This means assembling a team of expert specialists who can journey with survivors.

It takes an exceptional freedom fighter (like you!) to see this large vision and commit to it. It’s why we’re so grateful for people like our donor, “Lee Davidson.” We want to highlight his enormous impact for restoration today as an example of how powerful one person can be in the fight against trafficking.

Lee grew up in a joyful house. Even as a kid, his parents’ deep generosity touched him. “Whenever they got an extra bonus or gift, their first thought was ‘how do I give this away?’” he remembers. He often wondered if that was why they were so joyful.

He first encountered sex trafficking when he was in ministry. He and his wife connected with women in their local area who were working in the “adult entertainment industry.” As his family got to know the women, he and his wife realized how hungry for love many of the women were.

“We wanted to make them feel loved and valued, so we started hosting a special Christmas dinner party for them at our house every year,” Lee says. “We would give them gifts and personalized handwritten letters. We’d play games and dote on them. I remember a lot of them saying that I was the first pastor they ever spoke with in their whole lives.”

For years, Lee would get regular updates about these women. He knew that the road to recovery could be bumpy for survivors, especially if they didn’t have a lot of support.

“Sex trafficking isn’t an issue you throw money at and then women’s lives are magically fixed,” Lee shares. “They need to work through the trauma and integrate into a community where they sense genuine love. In a way, that’s really what lets them start over.”

When he heard Kim Westfall share the vision of Uncaged, he got excited. Here was a chance to show that same love and care for survivors, just like his family had done during those Christmas parties.

Then one day, Lee accepted what he thought was a volunteer position. To his great surprise, he learned that the position offered a generous salary.

Like his parents, Lee knew he wanted to use the unexpected funds to bless a high-impact organization each year. We were shocked and honored when he chose Uncaged as the first of these organizations. Thanks to his generosity, we knew it was finally possible to bring Dr. Vanessa Snyder on board as our international program director.

When he heard the news, Lee was filled with joy. “My first thought was ‘this is awesome!’” Lee laughs, “Knowing that this incredibly talented lady is able to use a skill set that I don’t have to love on survivors, it’s amazing. It gives me incredible joy. I’m convinced anything we give becomes much more when it’s placed in the hands of God.”

We cannot express the fullness of our gratitude for donors like Lee. His heart for survivors will leave a lasting legacy; it will beat every day in our trauma-informed program. Generosity like yours, like Lee’s, goes a long way to stop sex trafficking. People like you pave the way for professionals like Dr. Vanessa Snyder to create research-driven care plans. Every survivor who graduates from our program will thrive because of people like him, and people like you.

Thank you for your support and encouragement of Uncaged. Truly, you are helping to end the effects of sex trafficking and giving survivors the utmost care.

If you want to learn how you can leave a lasting legacy in the fight against trafficking, click here to get in touch with Kim Westfall today.

We hold the keys to freedom!

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I am writing to share some big news with you: we had a hand in taking down an entire trafficking ring.

You may remember that a colleague and I reported a suspicious situation in an airport this year. Two young ladies were being herded around the airport by a younger and an older man. Something felt off about it. After witnessing some concerning behaviors, we alerted airport authorities. They called us that evening to confirm: the two men were trafficking the ladies. Our intervention had saved them just in time. 

If that had been the end of the story, two precious lives saved would have been enough. God had plans beyond what we could see.

In September, we got word that a ring of 24 traffickers had been arrested. They were smuggling women and girls across Western Europe. The syndicate started over 10 years ago. They targeted low-income women, posing as their boyfriends and promising them great jobs abroad before enslaving them.

We were overjoyed to see this pernicious group taken down. Our jaws dropped when we found out: it was our report in that airport that put international authorities on the syndicate’s trail in the first place. The authorities used evidence and the two traffickers involved in the situation we reported to track the rest of the cabal and ultimately take them down.

When we spoke up at the airport, I had no idea the true impact it would have. Those 24 traffickers cannot hurt women and girls anymore. For all we know, hundreds of women have been pre-emptively saved from being slaves. 

All I can say is that when we are faithful to take one step towards fighting evil, God multiplies those actions beyond anything we can imagine. 

It makes me think about the first Sanctuary. It’s an oasis of 237 acres tucked in the countryside. In the face of this global evil, it can look like a smaller battlefield. Then I realize that we are planning to touch 400 lives of survivors and families in 2021. For each of those people we interact with face-to-face, God will be multiplying freedom and restoration far beyond. 

The thought fills me with determination. The place is ready. The program is ready. All we need to do is find the provision to purchase the last 60 acres of land. 

If you want to push us over the starting line by investing in the Sanctuary, click here today.

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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Every survivor is precious. Still, we are especially joyful when we are able to bring child survivors to safety. Now that Snowy and her brothers and sisters are safe, we wanted to give you an update about another dear little one we rescued, *Oceana.

We rescued Oceana last year when she was just 6 years old. She had been begging on the streets in Western Europe for two years. Needless to say, she was in bad shape when we found her. Our team quickly set up appointments for her with dentists, counselors, and doctors at a hospital in her home country. When they went to pick her up and take her to these appointments, Oceana’s eyes were big. She was clutching a magazine and a little cookie.

“What are those you’re holding,” our director, Beni, asked her kindly.

Oceana could barely speak. Very quietly, she told him, “these are a gift for you.”

After everything this little girl had been through, her first thought was to bring a gift for our team. It’s humbling to consider! Beni accepted her gift and thanked her seriously.

Oceana has been living with a loving family in her homeland ever since. Now 7 years old, she’s making good progress. Just a couple of weeks ago, she started school for the first time ever! On her second day of school she woke at 5 am and went into her mom’s room while carrying her clothes. “School, let’s go!” she exclaimed to her groggy host mom. Clearly, Oceana is overjoyed to be a kid again, playing and learning with other children.

Her road to healing remains long. She still suffers from some serious health issues due to the trauma she experienced. When we met her, she scarcely knew how to talk. Her verbal skills are growing every day, but she’s still catching up to other children her age. We’re going to be there every step of the way, making sure she gets the support and services she needs.

Oceana’s transformation is only possible because of your support. Your commitment to Uncaged allows us to locate children like Oceana, get them the care they need, and journey with them on the long road to healing.

When we played Oceana songs in the car on the way to her host family, the word she repeated over and over again was “happiness.” Thank you for giving happiness to children and survivors like Oceana.

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Our focus is on the tremendous and complex task of rescuing and restoring shattered hearts, minds, and psyches.  Our goal is to become one of the world’s leading catalysts and resource hubs for the anti-trafficking movement.

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